Per SI Article: Flowers Says He Turned Down Huge NIL Transfer Offers

Sports Illustrated's Nick Selbe released an article that can be found here on quoting BC WR Zay Flowers as stating he had received multiple six figure offers of up to $600,000 to enter the transfer portal and benefit from expanded name, image and likeness opportunities.

Flowers engaged with his father and Coach Jeff Hafley for advice and ultimately viewed loyalty to the program, his Boston College experience and education as outweighing the benefits of the NIL deals presented.

Although Boston College has had other athletes transfer both and in and out as part of the expanded portal process, to my knowledge, this is the first one who has been approached specifically around the lure of NIL money. While it is great to hear that Flowers valued everything about his BC experience beyond the money it would have given him at another school, it should serve as a reminder of the landscape of college athletics that exists today and that as Jeff Hafley hopefully continues to grow the program and the talent pool, there are likely to be others who will take the money and run.