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Boston College Football Moves Ohio State Series (Again!) to 2035 & 2036

Penn State v Ohio State Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

It was announced on Thursday afternoon that the regular season football series between Boston College and Ohio State has been moved to 2035 (in Columbus) and 2036 (in Chestnut Hill).

The series between the two programs was originally scheduled in 2012 for the 2020 & 2021 seasons, then was moved in 2017 for the 2026 & 2027 seasons, and of course is now being moved again. That now makes it a 16-year difference between the series’ original date and when it is now scheduled to be played.

This set of games is clearly low on the priority list for Ohio State. But it does show a willingness from the BC administration to work with powerhouse football programs to get these games played rather than completely give up on them. Pat Kraft (before he left) also scheduled a series for BC to play against Alabama in football, the first time those two programs will meet in decades. It remains to be seen if that series is rescheduled at all.

You can read BCI’s thoughts on the first reschedule here. Needless to say, these games have been on the backburner for a long time.