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Boston College Athletic Director Search: Christopher Iacoi

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

As Boston College begins the search for yet another new athletic director, a couple of names stick out as likely prospects. One of these is Boston College alumnus Christopher Iacoi, whose name was also tossed around as an option 2 years ago when Pat Kraft was ultimately hired.

Iacoi started his athletics administration journey at Boston College as a student employee, and he officially joined BC’s staff in 2001 upon graduating. In 2010, Iacoi was named Assistant Athletic Director, Business Operations for the Eagles, which found him overseeing the department’s financial operations and travel decisions.

In 2014, Iacoi left BC for UCLA, where he was named Senior Associate Athletic Director/Chief Financial Officer. Much like during his time at BC, Iacoi oversees UCLA athletics’ financial and travel operations. He also oversees human resources, game management, equipment operations, facilities, capital projects, and information technology for the department.

Iaoci’s strong financial and business background make him a seemingly strong choice for BC, especially as the athletic department continues work on the new basketball facility. As a double Eagle (he also received his MBA from Boston College) with an in-depth understanding of how BC functions both as an athletic department and as a university, Iaoci could be a good option to avoid another quick-to-leave AD. With Martin Jarmond and Pat Kraft both leaving the job in 3 years or less, it seems as though hiring someone who has a connection to BC as the next athletic director would be a good move.