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Boston College Earns Comeback Victory, Defeats Maryland to Earn Spot in NCAA Championship

2022 NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Semifinals Photo by Greg Fiume/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The Boston College Eagles are heading to the NCAA Championship yet again, thanks to a late comeback led by Charlotte North and a last second gamewinner from Cassidy Weeks. BC defeated Maryland 17-16 this evening, and will face UNC on Sunday to determine this year’s champion.

Charlotte North got things started on the right foot for BC, scoring the first goal of the game to put BC up 1-0 early. The Eagles also dominated draw controls early in the game, starting out 4-0. Of course, Maryland wasn’t going to get discouraged by going down just 1-0, and the teams went into the second period tied at 2.

The Eagles jumped out to a 6-3 lead midway through the second period, but 4 straight Maryland goals off of 4 shots gave Maryland a 7-6 lead heading into halftime. On the plus side for BC, North already had a hat trick after the first half.

Maryland scored a seemingly impossible goal to start the second half off, giving the Terrapins a 2 goal lead for the first time all game. Cassidy Weeks kept them from building up a 3 goal lead by responding with a goal of her own, but the Terrapins quickly pulled a free position shot to go up 9-7.

Rachel Hall made her second save of the day after Maryland’s 9th goal, sending it up the field for Jenn Medjid to score her second goal of the game and make it 9-8. Maryland followed up with a very questionable goal that the refs called as good, and BC’s momentum was further cut when Hunter Roman went down (although she walked off the field on her own).

BC didn’t let those 2 blows distract them, and Kayla Martello scored a great goal to get BC back within 1, making it 10-9 Maryland with 6:09 to go in the third quarter. Rachel Hall made a couple good save to keep BC’s deficit at 1, but on their third straight chance the Terrapins broke through to go back up by 2.

Martello then took a pass from Belle Smith and threw the ball into the net with 22.4 seconds to go in the third period, earning a hat trick and cutting Maryland’s lead to 11-10 as the period wound down.

Maryland scored first again to open the final period of play, taking back the 2 goal lead. The Terrapins followed that up with an easy free position goal to go up 13-10. Belle Smith broke Maryland’s scoring run with a free position goal of her own, scoring despite seemingly having no angle. Unfortunately for BC, Maryland followed right back up to make it 14-11.

With 9:33 to go in the fourth quarter, North scored her first goal of the second half, charging through Maryland’s defense to cut the Terrapins’ lead to 14-12. The Eagles won the next draw control, but Maryland took back possession to score again and go up 15-12.

Caitlynn Mossman got one right back for BC to cut Maryland’s lead back down to 2, but Maryland scored next yet again as the teams continued to trade goals throughout the fourth. Medjid was the next to score, continuing the back and forth trend and completing her hat trick to make it 16-14 Maryland.

Charlotte North finally ended the back and forth scoring, following up Medjid’s goal with her own fifth goal of the game to get BC within 1 goal with just over 5 minutes to go in regulation. The Eagles shut down Maryland’s next possession, and North was able to score her sixth of the game to tie things up at 16 with 3 minutes to go.

BC kept Maryland from going back up and won back possession as the clock wound down, with just 5 second separating the shot clock and the game clock. With 18 seconds to go, North got the ball to Cassidy Weeks, who scored to put BC up 17-16. The Eagles kept possession for the remaining seconds of the game. winning this one thanks to 4 straight late goals.