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BC Hockey Blog: “Three finalists” for next head coach - including one potential huge splash?

Massachusetts v Boston College

The BC Hockey Blog - aka, “The Artist Formerly Known as the Kid,” has dropped another Kidbomb, and wowowowowow it’s a big one:

This would be a) massive and b) somewhat out of left field - other than generic reports that BC was doing ‘due diligence’ on current head coaches, there haven’t been other reports linking Leaman to the job.

BCHB has been very well-sourced in the past - so while we don’t know if this is rock-solid info, he’s proven to be trustworthy many times.

BCHB went on to say Leaman is one of three finalists for the job, along with the two well-known candidates, Greg Brown and Mark Dennehy.

With Pat Kraft leaving, you wonder who makes the final call here - there’s a search committee that has been steering the ship, and of course Father Leahy will have his input.

If Leaman is meeting with Leahy - that’s a pretty significant development.

There would be risks here if Leaman is a finalist - Leaman is considered a possible future NHL head coach, perhaps before too long if he continues to have great success at the college level; and Greg Brown is likely going to be an outstanding coach for a long time, and you don’t want to risk missing out on a BC alum who’s going to go on to that kind of success.

BUT.... Leaman would also be a slam-dunk choice, a proven champion with success in Hockey East and at a Catholic school to boot, in addition to success at Union back before they were on the national hockey radar. So, you gotta at least see where the road leads if he’s interested.

While Leaman is reportedly happy and well-paid (supposedly in the $700K range) at PC, PC AD Bob Driscoll is retiring this summer, so maybe there’s a chance to parlay that uncertainty into a move ... of course, BC has its own uncertainties at the top, too.

Slow news week, eh?