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Jenn Medjid & Boston College Women’s Lacrosse Are Focused on Teamwork as They Look to Defend National Title

BC Women’s Lacrosse, Twitter

Last year, the Boston College lacrosse team became the first non-men’s hockey and first BC women’s team to bring a national championship back to the Heights since 2012, finally breaking through the wall that had brought them heartbreak in the three championship games prior. The Eagles have shown no sign of slowing down this season, going 13-2 so far, their only losses coming against UNC and Duke. They’ve outscored opponents 264-136 so far, their offensive depth shining in every matchup.

Senior Jenn Medjid is a huge part of the Eagles’ offense this year, scoring less than three goals in only two games this season so far. She’s hit 63 points in just 14 games played, on track to potentially shatter her career-high 72 points in 19 games set last season. She had four goals against UNC in the national semifinal game last year, and followed up with a two goal, one assist performance against Syracuse in the championship game, helping the Eagles to their first national title. This season, she’s had three 5-goal performances and one 6-goal performance, and several multi-assist games — putting her second on the team in scoring.

With the 2022 lacrosse regular season quickly coming to a close — the Eagles play their last regular season game on April 22 — we wanted to ask Medjid about her experience at BC so far, staying motivated through the pandemic, and of course - winning the National Championship last year.

Why did you choose BC?

I chose BC because of the perfect combination of both great academics and athletics. I loved the beautiful campus and being so close to Boston.

What is it like playing for Coach Acacia Walker-Weinstein and the rest of the coaching staff?

It is a dream come true to play for Acacia and the rest of the coaching staff. They push me and my teammates every day to be the best player and teammate.

Are there any specific players — past or present — that you’ve learned the most from during your time at BC so far?

I think there are a lot of players but I would definitely say I learned a lot from Sam Apuzzo.

You really erupted in point production your sophomore year before the season was cut short — during that period of uncertainty with the pandemic, how did you keep that momentum going into your junior season?

I think just working really hard during the pandemic and focusing on the fact that we still had not reached our goal of winning a national championship is really what motivated me and my teammates.

What was it like starting the 2020-21 season during the pandemic?

It was definitely a crazy experience, going into each day not [knowing] what will happen to our season but I think it also motivated us to play every day like it is our last.

And of course, speaking of that season — can you talk a bit about what it was like to finally break through and win the national championship game after the three championships before that?

It was a dream come true. It was something we all dreamed of since we were little girls and worked so hard to achieve, so it was really rewarding and so much fun to be able to win with my teammates.

I know we don’t want to look too far back since you’re well into this season, but what lessons are you taking from that championship run as you continue playing this year and get ready for playoffs?

I think just taking it day by day and knowing that every day is going to be harder than the last but just to keep pushing forward and making sure we are getting better with everything we do everyday.

What goals did you have as a team coming into this season beyond repeating as national champions?

Just being the best teammates we can be for each other and always having each other’s back no matter where the season takes us.

You guys have been having a really strong season so far; what do you attribute that to?

I think it is attributed to a lot of hard work and preparation and knowing that we have to get better after every win or loss.

You also have so much scoring depth on the team, of which you’re a huge part — how do you guys leverage that to win games?

I think in games where we need other people to step up, it is really helpful knowing anyone on our offense can score and make plays at any time.

Can you talk about what it meant to you and the team to have a record-breaking crowd to watch your game against UNC at Alumni, and then another huge crowd against Notre Dame?

It was amazing. It is so fun and exciting to see where this sport is going and such a privilege that we got to play in front of a crowd like that.

And going off of that, do you think that after last season especially, there’s been any changes on campus on how folks view women’s sports and women’s lacrosse in particular?

I think people on campus are definitely taking more of an interest in women’s sports and especially lacrosse and it just makes the experience even more fun.

Now for some fun questions!

Favorite thing to do in Boston?

Go out to dinner in the North End.

Best off campus restaurant?


Your best non-lacrosse memory at BC so far?

Clemson football game my freshman year — the crowd was insane and it was such a fun atmosphere.

Favorite dining hall meal at BC?

Sauce your own chicken!

A huge thank you to Jenn for taking the time to answer our questions! The lacrosse team plays their next (and last) game of the regular season on April 22 at Alumni Stadium at 6PM against Syracuse. Admission is free, so everyone should go if they can!