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Gianni Thompson Enters the Transfer Portal

2022 Men’s ACC Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

It was reported Tuesday evening that Boston College freshman forward Gianni Thompson has entered the transfer portal.

Thompson was a 4-star recruit coming into Chestnut Hill last year for the men’s basketball team, but he didn’t see much time on the court and didn’t make much of an impact. Just 7.5 minutes per game in 2021-22 resulted in 1.3 PPG, 1 RPG, and 0.1 APG for the 6’8” freshman.

Despite being a more highly-touted recruit than his peers, Thompson saw much less success than fellow freshman Jaeden Zackery, who managed to be the Eagles’ 3rd-leading scorer over the course of the season. Thompson was a Jim Christian recruit, unlike Zackery, so perhaps he simply needs a change of scenery and to find a coach that has a greater desire for what he brings to the table.

We thank Gianni for his time at Boston College and wish him well wherever he ends up next!