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NFL Draft Profile: Tyler Vrabel

Louisville Cardinals Vs. Boston College Eagles Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images


Tyler Vrabel

Bellaire, Texas

6’5, 307 pounds



Projected Round

Day Two to Undrafted

Player Analysis

Vrabel comes from a strong NFL pedigree (Patriots fans probably remember his dad), but Vrabel has come into his own during his time at Boston College. Vrabel was a starter for all three years at Boston College before he declared early for the NFL Draft.

Vrabel played on a line full of NFL Draft prospects, and Vrabel is a legitimate player to look at. Vrabel marked his time at BC as a reliable player on the line-at least when he wasn’t hurt. He’s a player who can recover easily at the line if he struggles at first contact. He plays a gritty game and is a hard player to move given how well he anchors himself.

That said, he’s not the most athletic of his position, and given his issues with injuries, teams may have to take a flyer on him based on his problems staying healthy- and given that he’s a borderline player on his merits some teams may not be willing to do that.

Key Takeaway

He’s a player with a decently high ceiling. If someone is patient with him, he could blossom into something great.

Ideal Fits

Vrabel’s best place would be somewhere that can be patient with him and allow him to develop. He’s not a day one starter by any means, but could add some depth, and teams could do worse. Someone may take a flyer on him during the draft, but given that he’s a project that teams are going to have to work through, perhaps he’s going to be a more attractive undrafted free agent.