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Boston College hockey players, alumni & rivals react to Jerry York’s retirement

U.S. Hockey Hall Of Fame Induction Photo by C. Morgan Engel/Getty Images

The tributes and thank yous have been pouring in since Jerry York announced his retirement this afternoon - most notably from the current players and alumni York impacted during his legendary career on the Heights.

A reactions roundup:

Marshall Warren, rising senior and potential member of next year’s team’s leadership group:

This past year’s captain & current Boston Bruin Marc McLaughlin:

The Mattila twins shared their memory of arriving at BC from Finland:

Another leader of this past year’s team, Patrick Giles:

Brandon Kruse, who transferred from Bowling Green to play his fifth year this year:

& his fellow transfer this year Justin Wells:

Mike Hardman, from the 2019-21 teams:

Accolades also came in from BC’s rivals on social media, most notably of course BU.

Jerry York’s BC had a 5-year stretch in which they both lost and won a national championship game against Wisconsin:

We’ll keep this updated as additional comments come in from Jerry’s players and others in the college hockey community.