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NFL Draft Profile: Zion Johnson

NFL: Scouting Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Zion Johnson, Bowie, MD

6’3, 312 pounds


Guard (but has shown enough to offer some degree of positional flexibility at tackle and more positively at center based on the Senior Bowl)

Projected Round

Round 1 or 2

Player Analysis

Since the end of the season, Zion Johnson has been on a major rise, nearly solidifying his status in the first round. Big hands, long arms. A sought-after combination. His strength gives him a leg up to dominate. As expected, the word is that he has been interviewing exceptionally well and the sheer work ethic has been on full display during this entire draft process. Teams will value his versatility. At the Senior Bowl, he took reps at center, the last frontier for him after a college career that saw him shift around to cover the Eagles’ needs. He has solid experience at tackle, but most view him as a guard long term (or center). But hey, it always helps to have a guy like that in a crunch. He topped things off by checking off the boxes at the Combine and BC’s Pro Day. Zion Johnson is the best guard in the class.

Key Takeaway

Zion has the versatility, strength, and high football IQ to be a quality starter for many years.

Ideal Fits

A whole lot of teams could use a guy like Zion. Mock drafts have commonly pointed him to teams including the Cowboys, Patriots, and Titans in Round 1, and the Bears at the top of 2 if he falls.