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Boston College Men’s Basketball Roundtable Part 2: Recapping the Season

2022 Men’s ACC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Yesterday, we started our postseason round table. Today, we get into part 2.

After the framework laid with this season, how do you hope the Eagles will progress?

Peter Caliguri: With new recruits coming in and with Grant now with an ACC head-coaching season under his belt, I imagine us next year still figuring out our identity a bit. Nonetheless, I do envision an uptick in conference wins and a spot in the middle of the table. Give it 3-5 years to see how well grant succeeds in making BC an ACC household name to lookout for.

Curtis Flannery: In terms of what I see on the court, I hope the defense keeps up its vigor and that the offensive gameplanning becomes a bit more complex. It was tough to watch the Eagles offense a lot of the time this year, but with more time under this coach I hope they can begin to solidify their approach. More ball movement and designed plays for our top scorers would be nice to see, rather than a whole lot of improvisation and iso ball that got us into holes much too often.

Patrick Toppin: Winning season and NIT bid next year, and a return to March the year after seems the best mix of optimistic realistic. The Eagles are bringing in more talent in next years’ recruiting class, and with another year of development I think the wins will start to flow.

Arthur Bailin: I want only improvement from this year. I think our hope would be that this year would have been the stabilizing year, regardless of how well the team did. I want them to build off that.

Are you satisfied with Earl Grant’s performance this year? Why?

Peter: Yes. He inherited a jigsaw puzzle of random pieces and managed to mold together a bit of chemistry amongst the team. For the first time in a long time, Grant was able to work with a team that enjoyed playing around him and had fun doing so. He made them compete, train and play with a determining spirit that was going to give it their all no matter the opponent. That is the definition of a solid coach.

Curtis: Absolutely. He took a team that lost almost all of its production last year and turned it into a squad that actually improved their record. I’d like to see if he can continue to elevate his team season-by-season before I’m ready to give him a long-term extension, but it sure is looking promising.

Patrick: B+/B grade from me. Got a lot out of the new guys (Post, Zackery) and some of the vets (Karnik, Langford), but that didn’t end up generating many wins. Demarr also didn’t take the step I was hoping to see, although the talent continues to flash. Player development is going to ultimately be what takes BC to back to the tournament, and Earl Grant’s tenure will succeed or fail based on it.

Arthur: I am. The team feels stable, and I think that’s a win.

What are your hopes for next year?

Peter: I hope that that the Freshman class coming in is as talented and skilled as their recruiting bios put them out to be. That will be a huge indicator on how well Grant in his staff can draw recruits and build for the future.

Curtis: With the progression of players like DeMarr and JZ, and with a nice freshman class coming in, I expect BC to at least match this season’s conference win total and hopefully exceed it a bit. Losing players like Makai and Karnik will be a bit rough, but that’s the nature of college sports and I don’t think it will kill the momentum Earl Grant has brewing right now. Let’s say I expect 6-9 ACC wins. If they go .500+ in conference I’ll be ecstatic.

Patrick: NIT bid and a crazy upset or two. This is a process, gotta trust it.

Arthur: I’d like them to finish in the top half of the conference. The talent is there, and I think that would be a requisite level of improvement.