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Boston College Men’s Basketball Roundtable Part 1: Recapping the Season

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Miami vs Boston College Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Boston College men’s basketball season, we look back at the season in this edition of roundtable.

What are your thoughts generally with the season?

Peter Caliguri: Overall, I would consider it a success. We knew there would be growing pains and a lot of question marks. But I think Grant did a solid job given the cards he was dealt.

Curtis Flannery: Success! While there were certainly a lot of ugly games, the team was surprisingly competitive against most teams and even pulled off a few upsets. The defensive effort was something to behold and, while the offense definitely needs a lot of work, there’s a strong base here to build upon.

Patrick Toppin: Odd. Weird. The season didn’t feel like a success (although it didn’t feel like a failure either) until the tournament, when the Eagles rattled off a couple of tournament wins. Now it looks like we’re entering the offseason with some momentum, which is a nice change of pace.

Arthur Bailin: Overall, I’m happy. I think there was an incredibly low expectation for this team this year given how much attrition the Eagles had from an already mediocre team last year. The team had a decent showing in-conference, and went a decent ways in the tournament. It was by no means perfect, but I like where they are starting out right now.

Did the season go along with your expectations?

Peter: Yes, in fact it may have exceeded them ever so slightly. The team looked committed and competitive every time they touched the floor.

Curtis: It exceeded my expectations. I was expecting between 1-3 conference wins, but they managed to pull out 6 of them. Despite it only being Grant’s first season, this would’ve been considered a “solid” year by Jim Christian standards. Though it should be noted that the ACC was remarkably in the gutter this season. Either way, BC was not 95-100% terrible like I was expecting.

Patrick: Thereabouts. The Eagles were always coming into this season with a talent disadvantage compared to most of the ACC and 10 wins seems like a decent wins target.

Arthur: Far exceeded. BC was competitive all year, and that’s far more than I could of asked for.

Who really stood out to you?

Peter: Jaeden Zackery. That kid is going to be a problem in the ACC and I absolutely LOVE it. Keep working kid!

Curtis: Outside of the obvious answer in DeMarr Langford Jr, Jaeden Zackery shows a lot of promise too. He’s a great scorer that can succeed in a lot of phases of the game. Give him another offseason to work on his game and I think we’ll see some great things next year.

Patrick: How quickly and effectively Earl Grant managed to instill his style of play into this team. Lost in #GrittyNotPretty memes, players seemed to really buy into the gameplan on both ends of the floor; players seemed to understand their roles better as well, as opposed to the final years of Jim Christian where it was ISO ball and bad shots.

Arthur: I was really impressed with how well BC developed from last year. The program’s mindset felt a lot different, and that goes to Early Grant.

Who do you have winning in your Men’s March Madness bracket?

Peter: Arizona. That team is a force to be reckoned with.

Curtis: Gonzaga. I know it’s boring. But it’s the smart pick.

Patrick: Arizona over Duke; Coach K loses all three of his final games in the most heartbreaking fashion possible.

Arthur: I had Auburn, which aged really well!