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BCI Banter: No Exodus? What Do We Make of Offseason Recruiting and Transfers So Far?

Boston College v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Arthur: Well, hard to believe people would want to flee the great Boston College University, but after this season, some recruits may be fleeing. What do we make of it?

Curtis: So far, it’s just one decommitment from 3-star RB Durrell Robinson. It makes a lot of sense for an RB to decommit after the offensive line performance this season and BC having one of the worst rushing attacks in the nation. I’m not too concerned at this point, but it’s something to pay attention to.

Curran: Interestingly, DB Kahlil Ali actually recommitted to BC the other day. He had originally committed back to the Eagles back in June, before decommitting on October 31. However, Hafley and his staff clearly remained in touch as the high 3-star decided to recommit. So like Curtis said, I’m not super worried. To be honest, I was far more concerned about an exodus of BC’s current players through the transfer portal, but even that has not been too bad so far.

Grant: Especially given that there have been, what, over a thousand college athletes in the portal this year?

Curtis: Definitely surprisingly quiet for departures up to this point. And BC’s entries into the portal haven’t even been all that surprising. Jurkovec is losing his starting job, Maitre is borderline starter just doing a grad transfer, and Pyne hardly saw the field. Not anywhere close to the exodus some thought would happen.

Arthur: Yeah. I’m going to say that it’s not an abnormal amount of decommits, but it’s something to keep an eye on. I will say good on Hafley for stopping any bleeding.

Curran: I’ll be very interested to see what happens with guys like Elijah Jones and Jaelen Gill — starters who have been in college for 4-5 years but probably don’t have a future in the NFL.

Grant: Gill might be in the battle for Top Guy status with Flowers moving up.

Curtis: I’m happy about star OL Christian Mahogany deciding to stay at BC, as I was watching him as a potential portal departure. Very good news for this OL.

Grant: Well, I’m sure he knows he’s got a starting spot locked up ... lol

Arthur: Yeah, the dude is a very clear starter on that line.

Grant: And if our O-Line makes a jump next year he looks like the reason for it. Good stuff for his draft stock.

Curtis: It’s a little surprising that Hafley has been slow to pick up players in the portal so far. He has two players coming in so far (an OL and a WR) and has offered a few more, to be fair, but I think you’d expect him to be very aggressive.

Curran: I think that the lack of portal incomings mostly has to do with the positions Hafley is likely looking at. Obviously, O-line is the priority but I think that is likely one of the greatest positions of need for many schools, meaning that the O-linemen in the portal have the luxury of time and options (if they are any good).

Arthur: Yeah, it’s still early. But you have to imagine if Hafley can’t bring in decent quality portal guys when getting a starting job on that line will be very easy, that’s going to be a sore spot.

Curtis: Any other positions you hope Hafley goes after in the portal? My eye is on LB and DL also. Although the emergence of Donovan Ezeiruaku has been great, the rest of the front 7 had a lot of rough games.

Curran: I also think the secondary might see a portal addition or two. With pretty much the entire unit graduating or leaving, it makes sense to go out and get a veteran presence. The recruits Hafley has brought in at the position are talented, but I don’t think Hafley will want the entire secondary to be younger, raw recruits.