Football Transfer Prediction Thread

It's hard to think that the results of the last two weeks would not have members of the football team eyeing the transfer portal. May as well start making substantiated or unsubstantiated predictions as to who will wear different colors next year.

My thoughts, based on no inside information:

1) Mahogany--He's probably being advised that lining up next to this same groups of misfits is going to harm his draft stock

2) CJ Burton -- You can only look at the empty seats and think about what life woulda been like in the Swamp.

3) Jurkovec -- Will be interesting to see if he goes to a lower or mid-tier P5 program or a G5 to try to refurbish that oh so tarnished draft hype stock dream.

4) Jaden Williams -- Just a feeling

You also have to wonder about Kendall. Like, is this the BC his dad told him about?