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The BC Upset Of The Week Is This Absolute Sigma Punching Way Above His Weight Class With The Help Of A Costco Membership

A breakdown

Boston College Men’s Hockey had itself a very nice series against #15 Northeastern, coming away with a 1-0-1 weekend. Emmett Morehead led Boston College football to a shocking 21-20 come-from-behind road victory over #16 NC State. Both of these W’s were nothing compared to the stunning upset victory for this guy shooting his shot with a fellow classmate this Friday at the men’s basketball game vs. Detroit Mercy.

What an absolute legend. This calls for a frame by frame breakdown.


The first thing we notice here is this gentleman’s attire. Is this a bonus second use of a Halloween costume? Is this just his usual “I’m Just Having A Laugh” gameday attire? Is he hoping he might get pulled in to help out on the court? Did he perhaps just get off his shift at Foot Locker? These are important questions. None are meant to disrespect — the man’s got style and it’s clearly got him in the door.


Our eyes are next drawn to the spark of our young man’s affections. He’s aiming very high; you certainly have to respect it.


Look at the pure, unbridled joy in this woman’s face! This “Wow!” is a moment that every blue-blooded American male dreams of. It’s the start of a wooing success on a level not often seen anywhere, and certainly not seen on a college campus.

Imagine being this guy’s mother. How could you not be proud of the young man you’ve raised? Imagine being his father. All those talks about how to properly treat a woman made an impression after all.


We can see as we follow along that while the threads are what caught her eye, and the VIP pass is what turned her head, it’s the power move that locked her in. She’s interested. She’s invested. This is a potential keeper and she’s not about to lose out.

This is the moment where she’s all-in. It’s not just the card that’s got her attention, it’s the sheer audacity with which it’s presented. The nonchalant handoff, the composed manner in which he passes over the plastic with just the right amount of flair in the wrist... Watch it again: the double-barreled finger gun release calmly states — but does not shout — “I know what I’ve got, and I know you’re gonna want in.” This manner of courteous boldness in courtship cannot be taught. A true sigma male.


Infatuation is one thing, but true love is deeper. The number of thoughts that rushed through this woman’s head in the span of just one second after taking the Costco card in hand would short-circuit any supercomputer.

Does this man among boys really have the sense and maturity to save big on bulk purchases? Where’s the nearest Costco? Waltham? That’s what, 20 minutes from here? He must have a car, no? Does that mean he’s LSOE, with dreams of molding the youth of America into upstanding young men and women? Maybe he lives off campus? How can anyone afford an apartment in this economy? Oh, of course; by living within his means thanks to this valuable Costco membership... Is this the kind of life partner who will support me as his equal as we reach for our shared dreams as a growing family? Do you think he has Thanksgiving plans already? Will my parents mind if we add one place to the table for dinner next week?

From beginning to end, this entire interaction lasted just five seconds. But we were blessed that ESPN’s cameras were rolling so that we all had the opportunity to see the start of this budding romance. We here at BC Interruption wish them nothing but the best. With how viral this moment has gone already, who knows? Perhaps there’s a Taylor Swift song in the new couple’s future.