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Boston College becomes first ACC team to win with negative rushing yards in 10 years

Boston College v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The Boston College football team made themselves the answer to a weird trivia question yesterday, as they became the first ACC team to win a game after finishing with negative rushing yards in ten years. According to College Football Reference, the last time it happened was Florida State picking up -15 yards in a win over Virginia Tech.

Oddly enough, it wasn’t the first time it happened in FBS this year:

The Eagles gained a grand total of 46 positive rushing yards - 15 total by running backs, all by Alex Broome, on 6 attempts. Pat Garwo had 4 attempts for a total of -6 yards. Emmett Morehead ran for 31, while he also lost 32 via sacks.

A total of 8 handoffs is generally not a recipe for road success, but Emmett Morehead and the receivers delivered enough for BC to pick up the upset, with Morehead throwing 48 times.

A far cry from ‘pound the rock.’ It’s obviously not a good thing to have the running game continue to struggle, but certainly impressive for BC to overcome that and win anyway.