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WATCH: Marshall Warren’s clutch third period goal gives BC hockey a win over Northeastern

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Over and over again against Devon Levi and Northeastern, we’ve seen Boston College pepper Levi with shots, only for him to stand strong, and for Northeastern to pull out the win anyway despite getting outshot.

On Saturday night the Eagles dug deep to score greasy goals against Levi, several of which came in scrambles in front of the net - the kind of ugly goals that maybe aren’t the BC trademark but are much-needed to pull out wins.

Marshall Warren scored his first goal of the season last night to win it for the Eagles in a truly chaotic sequence - a fitting game winner for a chaotic game:

There is just SO MUCH happening here...

It isn’t the first thing to look out for but I just want to draw attention first, because I don’t think the broadcast mentioned it, but it seems pretty clear here that Oskar Jellvik is trying to do the Michigan/”lacrosse” goal? Pretty sure we’ve never seen BC actually pull one of those off, but Jellvik appears to have the audacity to try it so that’s something to look our for later in the year. I’m not crazy - that’s what he’s doing, right?

Also... Cutter Gauthier is just so good. A month in to his college tenure and he already regularly looks like the most dominant player on the ice.

It was a bit more subtle than one of his highlight goals but Gauthier’s ability to float all over the attacking zone and his strength and vision make a lot of good things happen. In this instance he’s able to just quickly hum a shot from long distance that gets in a good position to be tipped and/or create chaos around the net. You can also see that his presence is causing two Huskies to sort of suck in toward him and focus on defending him.

Warren immediately identifies that Gauthier’s quick little shot is going to give him an opportunity to go to the net and takes off from the point.

Then from there it’s just effort and tenacity and chaos.

Nesterenko gets totally yanked down in front of the net by a Northeastern stick, and after four straight games of watching Hockey East refs act like they are getting paid every time they call a penalty, of course the whistles stay away here.

Then Jellvik picks it up, tries the “Michigan” (I think???) to no avail, and then BC actually catches a nice break finally as the puck falls to Warren’s stick, who whacks it at Levi, then follows up with a second effort that goes in.

It’s also pretty funny to watch the fan reactions here - you can tell which fans have a perfect view of the puck being loose, and then a big shoutout to the kid in the red bandana jersey just going bananas. Mood.

After Friday night’s heartbreaker, it was huge for the Eagles to make this goal stand up and pick up the win.