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FINAL: Boston College 21 - NC State 20

Boston College v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Yes, you read that correctly. Boston College football defeated a top 25 program for the first time since USC in 2014. What a day. They snapped one of the longest home winning streaks in the country. They did it all.

This day was about fight and competitiveness on defense, and Zay freakin’ Flowers. And Emmett Morehead had a solid outing when it mattered most.

After allowing two exceedingly quick strikes from the NC State offense, BC settled down on both sides to keep the game from going off the rails. Emmett Morehead, starting his second straight game for the injured Phil Jurkovec, threw a touchdown to Zay Flowers to make it 14-7. That drive more importantly saw Flowers break the Boston College all time receiving yards record. He would not stop there.

Flowers got back to his usual ways, tallying 7 catches for 130 yards and two touchdowns.

That tied him for the single season touchdown record (10), and brings him just three catches shy of the career receptions record, and two touchdowns from breaking the all time receiving touchdowns record. Two more games. Morehead would finish 29/48 for 330 yards and three touchdowns, and critically led this team down the field when it mattered most.

After allowing over 100 yards on the ground in only two possessions, the BC defense stood tall for a goal line stand to keep BC in the game. Morehead and the offense couldn’t get much more going in the half, and NC State took to half with a 10 point lead 17-7. Morehead was picked off on a two minute drill where BC looked to be poised to get some more points on the board.

The second half saw the BC defense continue its improved play, and give the offense every opportunity to get back in the game.

Morehead connected with Flowers again for this fantastic touchdown, featuring great blocking down the field. Let’s just marvel at this man.

After an opening field goal from NC State, that second Flowers touchdown brought it to 20-14. It would remain that way until the waning moments of the game.

The BC defense picked up their first fumble recovery on the ensuing drive. Morehead went for a bit too much and logged his second interception of the day. But here was the BC defense again. They got the ball back again and again. They stripped freshman quarterback MJ Morris of the ball early in the fourth quarter. Clinging to a six point lead, the NC State defense did their best to hold BC back as well, but faced injuries throughout the contest.

Penalties were a big issue for the Eagles (12 for 100yards), although some were a bit suspect. But again when it mattered most, Elijah Jones came away with a huge interception to give the BC offense yet another chance. But it was rinse repeat for the Eagles, and they gave it right back. The Eagles simply got nothing going on the ground, ending with zero yards. Yes, zero. Actually, negative 1. Negative!

And then there was one final drive. With 2:47 seconds to go, BC took over at their own 31 yard line with one timeout remaining. Morehead confidently stepped up and led BC down the field. He connected with tight end George Takacs multiple times, including critical third downs. Rolling out, he then hit Dino Tomlin, who came down with a strong contested catch. Another third down catch to Takacs, and all of a sudden BC was on the NC State 14 yard line. And then on fourth down, NC State gets the stop, but a defensive pass interference gave BC life. With 18 seconds left, Morehead hit Joe Griffin Jr for a two yard touchdown pass. NC State failed on their chaotic lateral attempt, and BC picked up it’s second conference win, and only third win of the season.