FANPOST: Who will be in the starting lineup for BC men's basketball?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Thinking about the starting five and expecting to see Aligbe crack it pretty soon, if not next month, then by January.

Guards: MAL and JZ

Forwards: DLJr and Prince Aligbe

Center: Post

Two variables on the team are Glock and Penha. Glock is a premium athlete and we are hearing that he has spent the last year working on the body with excellent results (plus 20lbs lean muscle mass) and Earl has made comments that he’d likely only make if his expectations for Glock are elevated. None of us know what BC has in Penha but I am optimistic because 1. Earl, 2. He is best when close to the basket - no 3 pointers please, 3. His body/size should play well. I think both players will get minutes and give Prince some rest at PF.

Bickerstaff may have the highest value as backup C to give Post rest when needed. If Glock and Penha can give effective minutes at PF, this may be best case scenario.

Hand, Kelley, and Madsen will all likely play.

This is the deepest team BC has had in a while and if Aligbe can be good at PF as a freshman, I really like their prospects.