Boston College Men’s Hockey Weekend Thoughts


The Boston College men’s hockey team has played three games since we last dove into how things look, picking up two wins over New Hampshire with a non-league tie against Northeastern in the process. And they’ve looked good in all three games, full stop. The first win over UNH was a nice rebound after a sluggish start to the season, but being able to skate with and at times outplay a Northeastern team that was ranked in the top ten during the preseason last Tuesday was truly impressive. Following that out with a dominating performance against UNH and the vibes around the team have to be good right now. Here’s some of what stood out in the three games. FIRST LINE LOOKS GREAT... Let’s start things off with the shiny new toy. Cutter Gauthier made his debut in last Tuesday’s game against Northeastern, centering BC’s top line. He was the fifth overall pick in last year’s draft and there were some pretty high expectations surrounding him coming into this season. Through two games, he’s living up to them