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Let’s All Enjoy This Delightfully Chaotic BC Football Drive Against Wake Forest

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 22 Boston College at Wake Forest Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yeah, everything sucks. Getting blown out isn’t fun. Normally we here at BC Interruption turn to a nice soothing dose of nihilism in times like these, but sometimes it’s worth looking for those small bits of fun in an otherwise miserable experience to keep you coming back.

This is one of those times. Let’s run back what was easily the most fun part of Saturday’s awful afternoon against Wake Forest: a delightfully chaotic touchdown drive back when the Eagles were still in the game.

13:01 remaining in the 2nd quarter, Kickoff
Ivan Mora kickoff for 65 yards
Xavier Coleman return for 30 yards to the WF 30
Boston College penalty, holding (10 yards) to the BC 10

Even the start of the drive had something to it. Nothing crazy, but still something, so let’s document it. A really nice return negated by a holding penalty on Joey “The Sauce” Marinaro (hey, the man got his money’s worth hauling the guy to the ground with him; respect) that sends the Eagles back to their own 10 yard line to start the drive. Sweet. Onward we go...

The Eagles run eight plays and get very little out of it, only advancing 30 yards and stalling out on fourth down. Now’s where we get to the fun.

9:18 remaining in the 2nd quarter, 4th & 8 at the BC 40
Danny Longman run for 24 yards to the WF 36, First Down

The first real excitement came with Danny Longman’s fake punt. Someone on the BC coaching staff must have been paying attention to how the Deacs (don’t) pressure punts, because there is exactly one (1) player in black who is actually watching when Longman takes off.

This was a great time to run the play, with the Eagles down two scores, a heavy underdog, the ball around midfield, and the game starting to get a little out of reach. Now that the Eagles have the ball in the Wake Forest end, they’ve got to make something happen out of it.

They’re going to make something happen out of it, right??

Awesome, negative-something; we’ll take it. Now it’s fourth and long, and I guess it’s an “in for a dime, in for a dollar” situation now. From this, we get some beautiful Distilled Essence of College Football.

7:12 remaining in the 2nd quarter, 4th & 11 at the WF 37
Phil Jurkovec sacked for a loss of 11 yards to the 50
Phil Jurkovec fumbled, recovered by WF Jasheen Davis
Jasheen Davis fumbled, recovered by BC Jackson Ness at the 50

Setting the mood here...

...there is just so much that happens on this play. You’ve got Jurkovec’s slow-motion tumble backward that somehow turned into a fumble, picked up and recovered by Wake Forest. This moment is technically the end of the BC drive, as Wake Forest is now the team with established possession. After a few steps, Wake Forest fumbles right in front of George Takacs, who didn’t notice at first and misses out on being the one to make the recovery. But fortunately OL Jackson Ness is there to fight at the bottom of the pile for it and makes the snag.

With Wake Forest’s “drive” lasting all of one second, the Eagles got the football at midfield for what was technically the start of a whole new drive... but we’ll take some artistic license and ignore that technicality.

What’s next?

6:47 remaining in the 2nd quarter, 1st & 10 at the 50
Phil Jurkovec fumbles, I guess?, recovered by BC Pat Garwo III at the BC 39

What a comedy of errors this has become. Now the Eagles are all the way back to their own 39 yard line — hilariously, they are now even further back than they were when Danny Longman had the fake punt.

Jeff Hafley can’t believe it at this point.


You know what, whatever man. Screw it. FULL SEND, BABY.

6:04 remaining in the 2nd quarter, 2nd & 21 at the BC 39
Phil Jurkovec pass complete to Zay Flowers for 61 yards, TOUCHDOWN

Wake Forest 14, Boston College 9

Amazing. After all that, it takes just one moment of brilliance from Zay Flowers to come back on an underthrown ball, cut across one defender, and beat a second to the corner for the touchdown. God bless that man. I hope he gets to make a profane amount of money and that we get to watch him play football forever after he goes to The League next year.

And that finally brings the wild drive to a clo... nope, sorry, we’re not done yet.

Just for the little extra bit of We Can’t Have Nice Things frosting, the PAT gets blocked. Perfect. Love it. No notes.

Things were pretty much all downhill from there for the Eagles, but hey, at least something fun happened in that terrible football game, right?