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BC Interruption Player of the Week: Abby Newhook (Women’s Hockey)

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

The Boston College women’s hockey team went 2-0 this past week, defeating Providence 4-2 and UConn 3-1. The Eagles were also supposed to face BU yesterday, but the game was postponed due to the storm affecting Walter Brown Arena.

Both of BC’s wins were team efforts, but Abby Newhook was one of the Eagles’ standout players over the week.

On Tuesday, Newhook assisted on BC’s first goal before scoring 42 seconds into the third period to give BC a 2-1 lead. She also provided the secondary assist on BC’s insurance goal with 5 minutes to go in the game. On Friday night, Newhook scored an empty net goal in the final minute of play, locking up BC’s 3-1 victory.

2021-22 BC Interruption Players of the Week

Hannah Bilka, Women’s Hockey: 10/25, 12/6

Brevin Galloway, Men’s Basketball: 1/16

Pat Garwo III, Football: 9/27

Sarah Johnson, Field Hockey: 9/20

Phil Jurkovec, Football: 11/8

Megan Kramer, Swimming: 11/21

DeMarr Langford Jr., Men’s Basketball: 11/15

Abigail Levy, Women’s Hockey: 10/4

Jack McBain, Men’s Hockey: 11/1

Marc McLaughlin, Men’s Hockey: 12/13

Abby Newhook, Women’s Hockey: 1/31

Taylor Soule, Women’s Basketball: 11/29, 1/24

Cameron Swartz, Women’s Basketball: 1/10

Lauren White, Women’s Cross Country: 10/11