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Boston College men’s basketball vs. Pitt postponed due to Snowmageddon

Boston College v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Boston College men’s basketball has had another game temporarily postponed - and it brings me great joy to say that it’s not because of COVID, but due to the entirely normal reason of insane New England weather.

With a storm getting set to potentially dump 2+ feet of snow on Boston tomorrow, BC men’s basketball vs. Pitt, scheduled to be played tomorrow, has been postponed to Sunday at 4 PM (broadcast info TBD).

It may be optimistic to think they will be able to play Sunday if the weather is as extreme as some forecasts indicate, though of course there is always the possibility it turns in to a nothingburger after every grocery store in New England is bought out of eggs and milk.

We’ll keep you posted if anything changes, but for now, stay off the roads if you can tomorrow - don’t risk your life driving to a BC sporting event in a blizzard (Grant Salzano and I can speak from experience that it’s an unpleasant feeling to think you’re going to meet your fate on your way back from a BC game due to inclement weather.)