It's Time to Stop the Chop and the Leprechaun

Watching the ND-FSU game last night, the only thing that pissed me off more than ND winning was seeing the 75,000+ FSU fans doing the tomahawk chop. It's time to stop the chop. The Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins opted to change their nicknames in the interest of political correctness (like it or not). In my opinion, those nicknames were far less offensive than the chop. And while I'm at it, how about getting rid of the "Fighting Irish" and their stupid leprechaun mascot? ND recently defended its offensive (to many) mascot saying, "In both upraised fists of the leprechaun mascot and the use of the word 'fighting', the intent is to recognize the determination of the Irish people and, symbolically, the university's athletes." Right.