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Peter’s Pick ‘Em: Boston College vs UMass Gambling Odds

BC was able to squeak by and cover against Colgate. Can they do it again against the Minutemen?

UMass Vs Boston College At Alumni Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Welcome to the first installment of “Peter’s Pick ‘Em” bringing you all the lines, odds and betting advice for BC sports. Granted, I may have dropped the ball last week for the Colgate matchup but for the life of me I could not find a single betting line until it was too late. Needless to say, huge shoutout to Joe on our team who was actually able to dig deep enough to find some betting service that had an opening line for the game.

Even if I was able to stumble upon it earlier enough to throw some money on it, a -50.5 line was simply too outrageous to convince myself to bet that heavy on the Eagles. So, I decided to fade the game. Now, hindsight is 20/20 on this one and BC was able to actually cover the opening spread by 0.5 of a point and could have probably exceeded that if they kept Jurkovec in for the whole game. Either way, I still walk away from it not putting myself through the torture of sweating the whole game hoping they would cover. Definitely the best choice for my mental health.

Now, fast-forwarding to next weekend, the lines are officially open thanks in part to Circa Sports on Twitter dropping the lines early. The Eagles open up as a -38 favorite against the Minuteman with the O/U standing at 62 even though they will be considered the visitors in this contest.

In the BCI community, we all are on the same page here. Hammer that -38 all day. Why you ask? Well, because it is UMass. Is that not good enough of a reason? To get more specific, the Minutemen had a rough opening to their season against Pitt where they dropped their first road game of the season 51-7. Granted they were the inferior opponent but either way their defense was absolutely abysmal. They gave up a total of 598 yards of offense to the Panthers. This should be a deja vu kind of performance for a guy like Jurkovec who ought to absolutely eat it up in the passing game now that he has feet underneath him after a few rough drives in the Colgate matchup.

As for the O/U, I personally would not touch this just because I have no idea what UMass’s offense looks like at all. In recent memory, the most amount of points that Umass has put up against BC was in 2018 with 21 total points. They still lost that game 55-21. So with that said, and the way that the spread is set up, that puts the total of the game being around 60 points. Personally, BC’s defense with Tem Lukabu at the helm has been rock solid and I do not envision UMass coming anywhere close to 21 points. With that, I would lean the under if you really want to go down that route of betting

Final Prediction: BC 48 - UMass 7 | BC -38 | Under 62