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Boston College Football: Colgate Game Observations

Eagles did what they needed to do

NCAA Football: Colgate at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Given the past year and a half, we can appreciate when events occur how they are supposed to.

Were we expecting Phil Jurkovec and this offense to put up big numbers? Yes and they did: 51 points, 525 yards of total offense, 347 through the air and 178 on the ground. It is good to see that the emphasis BC placed on the passing game has continued from last season. In terms of the running game, it appears that Hafley is continuing to shift this offense away from being one back centric (can’t really base too much off just one game). Jurkovec was the leading rusher with 61 yards, but really BC spread the ball out amongst Travis Levy, Pat Garwo III, and Alec Sinkfield. The highlight of the game may have been Trae Barry vaulting a Colgate defender for the touchdown. It was also his only reception but it would be great if Barry could step right into Hunter Long’s shoes.

Defensively, BC had a pick six, another thing BC has been able to do in the past and the fans will be very pleased if that trend continues. If BC can continue to force turnovers that would surely alleviate some of the pressure that will be placed on the defense. Only 2 sacks against Colgate is not great on paper, but Colgate only threw the ball 19 times and ran the ball 35 times so it’s not like the defense had a lot of chances to rush the passer. It would certainly give fans more confidence to see this defense be more proficient about rushing the passer but, again, not what we are expecting.

With the talk about BC maybe being a 10 win team this year, a blowout win versus Colgate is what we want to see. BC’s next two games shape up nicely as each opponents is just a bit tougher than the last, gradually warming the Eagles up for their matchup with Missouri on September 25th. That game will be the true litmus test for this team.