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Game Summary: Boston College 51 Colgate 0

The Eagles start 2021 red hot

NCAA Football: Colgate at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t much of a game at all today in Chestnut Hill, as the BC offense put on a clinic for the Colgate Raiders and the BC defense didn’t let up much themselves either.

If you were on time to the game, you would’ve seen a very quick 7-play opening drive that put BC up early 7-0, courtesy of 2 big plays from Zay Flowers and a punch-in TD from Travis Levy. Colgate managed a first down on their next drive, but then were quickly forced out and punted away.

Getting the ball back, BC’s Alec Sinkfield struggled to get something going on the ground, so BC found itself punting right back to the Raiders after a few plays and a missed pass from Jurkovec on 3rd down. Colgate started moving the ball against BC’s defense, completing a 23-yard pass down the sideline and gaining a few first downs, but the Raiders still got stopped at BC’s 49-yardline and punted away.

BC got it back, but again struggled with some dropped passes and a missed pass from Phil Jurkovec, resulting in a 3-and-out and a punt away back to the Raiders. The Raiders once again started moving with ball, specifically with QB Grant Breneman taking it upfield himself a few times, but Shitta Sillah came up with a huge 3rd down sack and forced another punt back to BC.

BC was at risk of going 3-and-out once again after 2 Travis Levy runs only brought them to 3rd and 8, but Levy came up big in the passing game and gave them a desperately needed first down up the middle of the field. It allowed for a HUGE Trae Barry 51-yard reception for the touchdown that ended with an incredible hurdle into the endzone, making the score 14-0 BC.

Colgate proceeded to give it right back with some shaky punting which landed the BC offense a starting place at the 42-yard line for their next drive. After driving it up the field for a bit, Jurkovec aired it out for a deep 39-yard bomb to Zay Flowers to give the Eagles a 20-0 lead after Longman doinks the PAT. Longman also proceeded to kick the ball off out of bounds, a trend we saw a lot of in 2019 from him.

Colgate quickly found themselves punting once again after getting nothing going, and BC took the ball a bit deep in their own territory (BC’s 11 yard line) after Travis Levy gave an improper fair catch signal that nullified his impressive return. The BC offense was stalling a bit until CJ Lewis came up with a big 31-yard reception downfield with nobody near him, followed up by another 10-yard reception from him and another first down. Jaden Williams drew a big PI call (that was not really a catchable pass) to put them at the 10-yard line, and then Williams caught a corner fade in the endzone to make it 27-0 Eagles. The first half ended with a Colgate stalled drive.

At the half, Jurkovec already had an impressive 243 passing yards and 3 TDs. Zay Flowers racked up 101 receiving yards plus a TD on 4 catches, and Levy & Sinkfield were about equal with 21 and 20 yards rushing on 6 carries each.

Colgate received the second half kickoff. Colgate’s WR Myles Bradley had some success making things happen down the field, gaining a first down and another catch, but the Raiders had to punt away once again after a short possession. The starters were still mostly in for BC to start the 2nd half with Jurkovec leading the way once again, but with Xavier Coleman by his side rushing the ball instead. Led by a great Zay Flowers toe-tapping 20-yard sideline catch and another CJ Lewis downfield 26-yard diving catch, the Eagles drove down the field to eventually stall near the goal line and settle for a Danny Longman field goal that knocked through, making it 30-0 Boston College.

Colgate began driving down the field, aided by a facemask penalty against BC and lots of QB keeps, into the Eagles territory for what felt like the first time in a long while. Colgate converted a close 4th-and-1 inside the BC 30, but BC’s Mike Palmer was able to grab an INT in the endzone off a deflected ball as Boston College protected their shutout to end the 3rd quarter.

BC began this drive with Pat Garwo’s first appearance of the game, somewhat of a shocker that he’s 4th on the RB depth chart. He had a nice few gains, including a 16-yarder up the gut, which set-up a beautiful 37-yard Jurkovec run down the sideline. Garwo proceeded to punch it in from 2 yards out to give BC a 37-0 lead. Early on the ensuing Colgate drive, Jahmin Muse picked off a bobbled pass and brought it to the house, stretching the Eagles’ lead to 44-0 just 17 seconds after the offensive TD.

Colgate found itself stalling out once again and punting away to Boston College, who finally put in back-up QB Dennis Grosel with just 10 minutes left in the game. Kobay White ripped off a big 25-yard catch and run in what was his first touch since Anthony Brown was BC’s QB. The Eagles ended the drive by drawing a PI call and punching it in with Peter Stehr from 2 yards out, pushing their lead to 51-0.

Colgate got a couple first downs on their ensuing drive, but found themselves punting back to BC once again in short order. BC proceeded to kneel the ball and end the game by a 51-0 score. Boston College earned a shutout in their first game of the season!

Jurkovec ended his day with 303 passing yards, 3TDs, and 61 rushing yards. He completed 16/24 pass attempts in a game that saw him struggle early but eventually communicate really well with his receivers and exploit huge holes in the defense.

The BC defense looked shaky at the beginning of the day, letting up a batch of first downs, but the Eagles quickly settled in and hardly let up any yards in the second half. It seems the entire team benefitted from this game to get their legs underneath them and ready for this season of football.