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Boston College Men’s Hockey Roster Countdown: #10 Mitch Andres

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Name: Mitch Andres

Position: Defenseman

Year: Junior

Number: #10

Height: 6’1

Hometown: Brainerd, Minnesota

Previous Stats: Andres played in all of BC’s games last year. He didn’t show up much on the scoresheet, but he made his mark on the team with some gritty minutes that didn’t necessarily show up. He did register a point against Merrimack. He also registered a point against Merrimack during his freshman season.

Season Outlook: Defense is a question mark, and the Eagles will need guys like Andres to put in quality minutes. He’s a guy who is a reliable player that the Eagles can count on in a pinch, and Andres will need to count on that moving forward.

Drafted: Andres was not drafted during the NHL Draft.

Fun Fact: Andres also played tennis at Brainerd High School. During his time at Brainerd High School, Andres served as captain twice during his high school career.