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The Idiot’s Guide To Week 5

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Missouri
You know what you did.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after a kind of boring week 3, week 4 did not disappoint.

Oklahoma fans booed their starting quarterback on the way to a nailbiter win, UCLA squeaked by Stanford, and BC sent Idiot of the Week Eli Drinkwitz packing from the great state of Massachusetts, leading to some superb subtweeting.

And hey! Even our old friend Steve Addazio had a glimpse of success while utilizing his typical brand of running the ball up the middle a gazillion times.

But now we’re on to Week 5, and there are some truly spicy matchups, so let’s get into it.


Maryland over Iowa: This is a matchup absolutely ripe for an upset. Maryland is probably a tad underrated at this point, and Iowa looked very shaky against a team coach by Steve Addazio.

BYU over @ Utah State: Probably a game that would get more attention with different counterprograming.


Georgia over Arkansas: Woo, pig? I don’t think anyone was expecting a season like this for Arkansas, but all the credit to the Hogs for getting this far. They’ll get stopped by a better Georgia team, but the Hogs’ success definitely is throwing a wrench in a very good SEC championship race.

Michigan over Wisconsin; I know the Badgers’ game last week was closer than the score indicated, but, yikes.

Wake Forest over Louisville: A Wake/BC game matchup for a berth in the ACC championship game on the last game of the season might be the fantastic storyline that might break the conference.

Notre Dame over Cincinnati: I actually think it’ll be the reverse result, but I’m sick of jinxing their opponents.

Coastal Carolina over UL Monroe: Someone get Coastal a new conference, no team should be a 34.5 point favorite in league play.

Alabama over Ole Miss: The SEC really is going to h ave a fun day, but Alabama is just a tad better at home.

Oregon over @ Stanford: Go Anthony Brown, etc. etc.

Oklahoma over @ Kansas State: Sooners fans may have booed their way out of a top 4 spot in the rankings. Seriously, the way that this year has gone I don’t know how you can send a team down two slots just for a close game.

Ohio State over @ Rutgers: Big yikes.

Florida over Kentucky: This is going to be a good game that’ll get lost in the shuffle due to the 3:30 game on CBS. Kentucky is better than I think people realize.

NC State over Louisiana Tech: See y’all in a few weeks.

Texas A&M over Mississippi State: The Aggies need to put it in gear, losing any ground in that uber competitive division is not going to do them any wonders.

Baylor over @ OK State: Burn those yellow jerseys with fire.

Boston College over @ Clemson: This is the best chance BC has to beat Clemson. The Tigers’ offense has stalled, and BC seems to have everything coming together at the right time. In other words, I’m ready to be hurt again. Also, BC +15 is easy money.
Also, can we go over how stupid people sound when they complain about kids storming the field for reasons other than safety? Sure, field storming is not the safest thing to do, but find literally anyone who complained about the BC students storming the field and they weren’t complaining about safety, they were complaining about how the game was unworthy of a field storming. I’m sorry, are we really still judging college kids who sat inside for an entire school year for trying to have fun? Is there some sort of faux paux that we’re not dealing with? God forbid we ruin the integrity of field storming with a game that’s not worthy. Anyone who has ever stormed the field at BC knows that security is prepared for it and it is almost always done in a controlled manner, and at the end of the day it is kids just having fun, and anyone who complains about that really needs to find a different way to occupy their time.

Penn State over Indiana: someone plz stop them.

Michigan State over Western Kentucky: Made the Huskers look awfully good last week, eh Sparty?

LSU over Auburn: Somehow not an upset.

UCLA over Arizona State: The Bruins have to be kicking themselves over that Fresno State loss, they could be in the CFP picture with a few more wins.

Fresno State over @ Hawai’i: I know literally nothing about Fresno State after they beat UConn, so, sure.

Is UConn going to win this week: The Huskies are going up against probably the worst Power 5 team this side of the Mississippi. This is probably the best time for UConn to take someone by surprise. So, no, UConn will not win.