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College Football Viewing Guide: Week 1

Boston College v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

It’s here. College football kicks off in earnest this weekend with a full slate of games, including, of course, BC’s season-opening tilt tomorrow (!!!!!!!!) at noon on the ACC Network against Colgate.

Here are some other games to look out for and where to find them, with a focus on BC angles:


Friday night offers up a decent batch of games, including a few of interest to us:

  • #10 UNC at Virginia Tech - 6 PM, ESPN
    BC’s perennial cross-division rival starts right in the fire against one of the top teams in the ACC, hoping the return of a packed house to Lane Stadium can boost them to a win.
  • South Dakota State at Colorado State - 9 PM, FS1
    The Dazzler debuts his first actual season at Colorado State, for those interested in seeing some cracking of the rock.


  • Colgate at Boston College - 12 PM, ACC Network
    If you’re not watching this one, what are you even doing here?
  • Temple at Rutgers- 12 PM, Big Ten Network
    A first look at BC’s week 3 opponent, who are pretty stiff road underdogs at Rutgers. If they give a tougher game than expected (or get flattened), it will help set expectations for BC’s trip to Philly.
  • Holy Cross at UConn - 12 PM, CBS Sports Network
    This is going to be a terrible game, but it will be really funny if UConn loses to Holy Cross.
  • #1 Alabama vs #14 Miami - 3:30 PM, ABC
    No real BC implication here aside from Conference Pride (TM), but this is probably the pick of the mid-afternoon slate of games.
  • UMass at Pitt - 4 PM, ACC Network
    BC heads to Amherst next Saturday, and UMass will likely still be carrying a year+ losing streak into the game. Once again, this is an opportunity to assess whether to expect a walkover or more competition than we thought.
  • Central Michigan at Missouri - 4 PM, SEC Network
    BC’s first “big” game of the season is September 25 vs. Missouri; the Tigers kick off their season at home tomorrow against Central Michigan.
  • #5 Georgia vs. #3 Clemson - 7:30 PM, ABC
    One of the biggest games of the season, in prime time, on day 1. Should be fun!


  • #9 Notre Dame at Florida State - 7:30 PM, ABC
    Go Florida State, I guess?


  • Louisville vs. Ole Miss - 8:00 PM, ESPN
    Another first look at an opponent many BC fans have been marking in the W column in their preseason predictions.