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Final Thoughts and Prediction: Boston College vs Colgate

Texas State v Boston College Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

We’re about 24 hours away from kicking off the BC football season, and it could not have come soon enough. This is by far and away the most excitement I’ve had entering an Eagles season since my fandom began on Day 1 of the Daz era.

This game is all about getting back into the groove of things. The team, donning their new Adidas uniforms, anxiously awaits being cheered on by BC faithful. The fans, eager to finally welcome their new-era squad (and themselves) back to Alumni Stadium, will comply willingly. It’s time to work out any kinks, take care of business, and have fun.

Colgate is of course not anything to worry about, but they’ll show plenty of teeth and Hafley will show them the utmost respect. Class act as always. The Raiders quarterback is a dual-threat and the offense mixes it up well, and the Eagles have had their share of troubles with those. Fortunately, Coach Lukabu has promised not to give away the playbook for this one. The Colgate alumnus and former linebackers coach keeps the program close to his heart, but he will look to shut this thing down and set the standard.

Players To Watch

This was meant to be a particular matchup to watch, but with the plethora of ‘OR’s’ the coaching staff near jokingly tossed on to the two-deep, we’ll want to keep an eye on who gets the official nod and plays with the ones first. The playbook is no longer ‘vanilla’ to use Hafley’s word. We’re going to see a lot of different looks and packages, and I imagine most on this chart will log some minutes.

Tight end is up first. Luchetti and Barry honestly will probably see similar time. Hafley has hinted how much he enjoys using tight ends, but we can glean more by who makes the bigger impact.

At defensive end, I still expect Marcus Valdez to get the first nod, but he’ll need to deliver to be sure to keep Donovan Ezeiruaku at bay. DePalma and Steele have a similar competition at the weakside linebacker. Hafley likes the quartet of safeties at his disposal. Maitre and Palmer are both starters in his mind, and the same goes for Woodbey and Muse at SSp. All have starting experience, and will make impact plays. I expect Woodbey to really make a name for himself with BC.

Other quick hits; the kicker spot has two OR’s but Hafley noted we’ll know who has the edge when the first PAT is attempted. Boomer should still have the confidence of coach. Kobay White has been back out on the field for maybe three weeks. He’s listed right behind CJ Lewis, but this is the perfect opportunity to continue to get his legs back. Be sure to give him a shout when he gets back from this long recovery.

Lot of chatter about the number of freshman on the depth chart (10) and you should expect all of them to see action. Hafley wants to build to the future while winning now, and this is a great chance.

This was a way longer ramble than expected. I apologize.


The line has plummeted to BC-49.5, O/U 52.5.

Final Predictions

BC plays no games and takes this one 55-6

The Narrative

It’ll be a rosy outlook after this one’s wrapped up. Hafley and co. were greeted with thunderous applause. The renditions of Mr. Brightside and For Boston were heard through the Hills of Chestnut, and the echoes rang true. We’re on to the Battle of the Bay State.