Being a BC fan is fun again

I still remember that bleak October day in 2019. BC was a heavy favorite at home against perennial P5 dredge Kansas. I sat down at my favorite bar in Melbourne Florida and ordered dinner and some drinks. Things started out well, BC scored on their first couple possessions, and it looked as though this would turn to a comfortable OOC win. Suddenly, BC’s defense forgot how to tackle and before we knew it, we lost to KU 45-24…. At home

That was the day I knew Steve Addazio was no longer the answer. I had my doubts after the Purdue game in 2018, but this was the final straw. Listening to his excuses in the press conferences had become old at this point, yet he became increasingly defensive and defiant.

Fast forward to yesterday. Still clinging to my OOC PTSD, I felt as though BC would find a way to lose the game. Low and behold, Mizzou’s kicker nails a 56 yard FG as time expires and the game goes to overtime. I sat there thinking the team had no chance, we would find a way to lose in typical BC fashion. And yet, we didn’t.

Addazios teams always found a way to lose. Whether it was the Penn State and Iowa Pinstripe Bowls. Or the Colorado State loss on a last minute touchdown throw. Or the embarrassing defeat at West Lafayette that I personally witnessed. Or KU gashing our defense to a 20 point blowout. Or the countless other ACC games that we blew (GT in Ireland, Wake 3-0). Addazio did little to help us win those big OOC games.

Yesterday, Jeff Halfley silenced all my fears. He won a close game against a solid P5 team (despite an awful hold call on Barry that would’ve ended the game). He won a game BC would’ve inexplicably lost in the past. He won with a backup QB who has shown loyalty to the program. He won this as a team!

You can tell the players love Halfley. Even better, the fans love Halfley, the administration loves Halfley, Ohio State fans love Halfley. Heck, even Desmond Howard and Herbstreit love Halfley.

We have a legitimate coach and a legitimate team. This coach and team have buried the OOC demons that plagued us for so long. As a result, being a BC fan is a BLAST again.