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Boston College 41, Missouri 34: Boston College post game press conference quotes

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Missouri at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Boston College posted some video from the postgame press conference on their Youtube channel after yesterday’s win:

Unfortunately the beginning of Hafley’s press conference is cut off here but here are some quotes from the part that is available:

Jeff Hafley:

On what he saw on Brandon Sebastian’s game-sealing INT:

“I was all the way to the right, I saw the QB pump and throw, I saw [Sebastian] go up... and then next thing I know there was 5,000 people on my back and it was a blur. It was a really cool moment.”

On Levy’s facemask penalty on the final drive and BC bouncing back to still score:

“It was huge... Look at that drive. How much time was there when it started? We wasted 5, 6 minutes.

They push us backward and we still continue to get first downs, and eventually score. What a great job our offense did today. Our o-line was awesome. Credit to our offense, the way we ran the ball... in the locker room, we talked about throwing body punches, throwing body punches. That was our mindset going into the game.”

On the kicking game today:

“Proud of Connor [Lytton]. We decided to go with him. When I was recruiting Connor, I was really excited about him. We recruited him really hard... Right before he went out to kick his first field goal, I told him, we talked about this, now it’s going to come true - you’re a great kicker. Every one of those extra points today, they were huge... this was a team win. It was awesome.”

Dennis Grosel:

On bouncing back from a first pass INT:

“I think it was a mindset going in - we knew there was going to be some ups and downs. We were hoping it wasn’t going to be on the first play on the game, but it’s just that bounce back mentality - we knew we had to come back and play, it’s a long game. Defense made a big stop and we were back on track.”

On the touchdown pass to Zay Flowers:

“The touch pass to Zay is something we’ve worked on a ton. He was my second read. Apparently my first read was wide open in the other corner, so it’s fortunate that he ran it down - he’s like a dog with a frisbee, throw it up there and he goes and gets it.

After the game... I was on the opposite side of the bench, saw there was a pile in the corner, hopefully we had it, the signal goes up, and the rest of it was a blur. The fans had fun storming the field... it was awesome. I love this place and this team.”

On the final regulation drive:

“We had three or four drives that went the length of the field. Same thing we were doing the whole game. We didn’t have to do anything we weren’t comfortable doing.... that was the message, play our game, we had time... the final play, we’d run 20 other times before that. It was a mentality at that point.

[Levy] and [Garwo] both ran like a madman today, that’s incredible. Makes it easy for me.”

On the two third quarter drives and his comfort level:

“It’s a lot easier when you’re running the ball effectively. Even when you’re third and short after a good run or pass, it makes it easy for the offense to keep drives going. That’s what I attest it to - keeping the chains moving, keeping us on schedule.”

On Grosel’s own runs, including the 4th and 4 run:

“On 3rd & short they were doing a lot of man coverage... I saw the left side of the line squeeze, instead of going through the progression to my right I ran for my life and reached out and got that first.”

On establishing BC’s offensive identity:

“As a team, we’re coming together. We ran the ball better these last four games than we did all last year combined. That’s something we worked on a ton all offseason, and that’s our identity so far. In a perfect world, we’re trying for that balance... that’s the way we win games.”