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BC basketball’s Langford brothers sign endorsement deal with FRESHPULLZ

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Local card and memorabilia shop adds BC duo as their first endorsed athletes

Before we begin I’m going to start by saying this post is 100% a shameless promotion for FreshPULLZ, a sports card and memorabilia store located in Peabody, MA that, as it just so happens, is part-owned and operated by my cousin.

Yesterday, Boston College basketball’s Langford brothers - Makai Ashton-Langford and Demarr Langford - signed endorsement deals to be the first two “Freshletes” sponsored by the shop.

This makes the Langfords the first BC men’s basketball players that I am aware of to announce their endorsement deals since the Name/Image/Likeness rules went into effect (though do correct me if I’m wrong).

The FreshPullz shop in Peabody is an eye-opening experience if you, like me, were totally unaware of the new wave of sports card collecting that took the nation by storm in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I pictured a dusty old shop with piles of cards untouched since 1974, but it’s not like that at all - in fact, it’s a unique and modern experience, complete with in-person and online auctions, “card grading,” a wide range of historic and new cards, big crowds, and lots of promotional events, which I’m sure BC’s Langfords will be a part of.

The company was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Congrats to the Langford brothers on their new deal and good luck to all BC student-athletes navigating the name/image/likeness world!