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BC basketball’s Langford brothers sign endorsement deal with FRESHPULLZ

Local card and memorabilia shop adds BC duo as their first endorsed athletes

Before we begin I’m going to start by saying this post is 100% a shameless promotion for FreshPULLZ, a sports card and memorabilia store located in Peabody, MA that, as it just so happens, is part-owned and operated by my cousin.

Yesterday, Boston College basketball’s Langford brothers - Makai Ashton-Langford and Demarr Langford - signed endorsement deals to be the first two “Freshletes” sponsored by the shop.

This makes the Langfords the first BC men’s basketball players that I am aware of to announce their endorsement deals since the Name/Image/Likeness rules went into effect (though do correct me if I’m wrong).

The FreshPullz shop in Peabody is an eye-opening experience if you, like me, were totally unaware of the new wave of sports card collecting that took the nation by storm in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I pictured a dusty old shop with piles of cards untouched since 1974, but it’s not like that at all - in fact, it’s a unique and modern experience, complete with in-person and online auctions, “card grading,” a wide range of historic and new cards, big crowds, and lots of promotional events, which I’m sure BC’s Langfords will be a part of.

The company was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Congrats to the Langford brothers on their new deal and good luck to all BC student-athletes navigating the name/image/likeness world!