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The Idiot’s Guide to Week 4

NCAA Football: Chattanooga at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

After a lot of fun the first two weeks, Week 3 was... kind of bland.

I mean, the games were fun-ish, and BC won, but overall the chalk, by and large, won, and after a number of close games and potential upsets during the first two weeks, Week 3 was... fine.

C’est la vie.

Let’s talk about Week 4.


Fresno State over UNLV: Maybe UConn really isn’t that bad and just went up against a really good Fresno State tea- oh you thought I was serious.


Georgia over @ Vanderbilt: It’s exhausting to explain that while Vanderbilt football is, by and large, terrible at football, it has value for the SEC for other sports. Just remember how good Vandy baseball is whenver you hear someone saying Vandy should get kicked out of the SEC. That said, this game is a clunker.

Penn State over Villanova: For whatever it’s worth, as FCS games go, this is actually a decently difficult one to play for Penn State.

Wisconsin over Notre Dame (Soldier Field, Chicago): Maybe this week will be the week Notre Dame gets exposed. I can’t be the only one who thinks the Irish aren’t any good, right?

Coastal Carolina over UMass: Clearly the next two weeks will be tune-up games for the Minutemen for their big game for New England inferiority against UConn.

Iowa over Colorado State: This game should end around the time the BC game will end, so hate-watchers fret not!

Arkansas over Texas A&M: I’m not sure I’m ready to live in a world where Arkansas is considered a good team.

Clemson over @ NC State: Clemson is going to get exposed this year. Against who is unclear.

Iowa State over Baylor: I don’t know about y’all, but I’m 100% here for Iowa being the center of the college football universe.

Michigan over Rutgers: I’d say something condescending about Rutgers here, but the program is a far cry from it’s previous low. That said, woof. This game.

Auburn over Georgia State: I know that Auburn going to lowly Georgia State’s stadium is probably beneath the Tigers, but since recruiting is a hot topic this week, wouldn’t this be a decent opportunity to get local Atlantan high school players a look at how things are run at Auburn?

UCLA over @ Stanford: I wish nothing but success for the resurgent Pac-12.

Florida over Tennessee: Something to keep an eye out for during SEC expansion: there will certainly be haves and have nots, and programs like Tennessee should probably get their act together if they don’t want to end in up the latter category.

Michigan State over Nebraska: MSU is only a 5 point favorite. I’d take that action (if, of course, it is legal to gamble on sports in your state).

K-State over @ Oklahoma State: This feels like a tune-up for K-State for next week against Oklahoma, but good on K-State for getting into the Top 25. I like the idea of the Big 12 being resilient in the face of adversity.

Alabama over Southern Mississippi: oh bless your hearts.

Oklahoma over West Virginia

Ohio State over oh my god the line on this game is 49.5 points.

North Carolina over Georgia Tech (Mercedes-Benz Stadium): I’m not sure of what the benefit of playing about a mile from Bobby Dodd would be for Georgia Tech, but, like, sure. At least your fans can drive in traffic while avoiding a far easier MARTA trip this way.

South Florida over @ BYU: I’m not picking BYU again until someone at that university atones for inflicting Zack Wilson on the Jets.

Oregon over Arizona: If Anthony Brown wins trophies this year does BC win a trophy via the transitive property?