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Peter’s Pick ‘Em (Week 4): Boston College vs. Missouri Gambling Odds

Uh-oh, a real opponent has entered the arena as the favorite

Boston College v Temple Photo by Cody Glenn/Getty Images

Oh man, what a weekend of college Football. I am still in recovery mode from the ups and downs from this rollercoaster of a weekend that I can barely get my head on straight. Lets take a look out the outcomes of my early predictions last week turned out:

  • Virginia Tech vs, West Virginia (-3) - Peter’s Pick: VT +3 - LOST
  • Coastal Carolina (-11) vs. Buffalo - Peter’s Pick: CC -11 - LOST
  • Alabama (-14.5) vs. Florida - Peter’s Pick: Bama -14.5 - LOST
  • FSU vs Wake Forest (-6.5) - Peter’s Pick: Wake -6.5 - CASHED
  • Auburn vs. Penn State (-6.5) - Peter’s Pick: PSU -6.5 - CASHED
  • Whatever team Colorado State and Addazio are facing (this week Toledo), bet on them. This method has not let me down yet! - LOST, Sadly.

While the majority of these did not have the desired outcomes I was hoping for, I still ended up net positive this weekend in thanks to fading some of the games above that I did not have enough confidence in (i.e. Coastal vs. Buffalo) and going for a three game parlay of Cincy -3.5 , MSU +6.5 and Wake -4.5 which hit. I was in a good mood to say the least as that parlay made my weekend all the while worth it.

Yet, talking about fades, I did not bother putting any money down on the BC game as it fell into the category of “I do not feel confident about this one”. If we recall from last week’s segment, I suggested going Temple and the points along with the Under. The under certainly hit as it was just a slow slog of a game riddled with little offensive production, penalties and a stout BC defense that did not let Temple’s true Freshman quarterback anywhere near the end-zone. All-in-all it was the snooze feast we were all expecting where BC pulled out the win in a rather melancholy fashion. With a game this tepid, I did not want to force myself into a sweat hoping BC covered. I had to reserve those high blood pressure moments for games like the PSU-Auburn matchup (sheesh, what a game).

Fast-forwarding to next week, BC welcomes into Alumni Stadium SEC affiliated Missouri Tigers. The Eagles have not faced an SEC opponent since 2008 when they faced Vanderbilt in the Music City bowl which they lost 16-14. Granted that was 13 years ago, but Vandy has almost always been at the bottom of the table in the SEC so take that as you will with all extraneous variables and what-not. As for the opponent in question, Missouri is off to a 2-1 start with their only loss coming against a pesky Kentucky team. The Tigers’ offense averages 43.6 PPG with that number being slightly skewed after last week’s blowout against Southeast Missouri State. Even still, their defense still allowed 28 points and 373 total yards in that game against a very low-tier opponent.

As of writing this, the lines are close with the slightest edge being given to Mizzu at -3 and the O/U of this game sits at 59. However, so far, 2/3rds of bets are being thrown the Eagles’ way according to Oddshark. This is a tricky one, that I might just have to fade again. However, I may also spend this entire week hyping myself to take BC +3 so that is the route that I am going to suggest. What makes me nervous is how poorly Grosel looked last week which makes me nervous for this offense. Now, with that said, the optimist in me is thinking “hey, it’s a home game in front of the students, Grosel had one game to shake off the rust and got the win, and the defense looked exceptionally better than the week prior.... take the points.” So far, just in typing this up, I am convincing myself to go the latter. First big game of the season and the Eagles will show out to win this game one-way or another in a nail-biter

Final Prediction: BC 24 - Mizzu 17 | BC +3 | Under 59

Bonus: Some other lines I like at first glance (which I may end up fading anyways)

  • Liberty (-7) vs. ‘Cuse - Pick: Liberty -7
  • Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin (-6.5) - Pick: Wisco -6.5
  • UCLA (-4) vs. Stanford - Pick: UCLA -4
  • Louisville (-1) vs. FSU - Pick: Louisville -1
  • Nebraska vs. MSU (-3) - Pick: MSU -3
  • Wyoming (-29) vs. UConn - Pick: Wyoming -29 for the LOLs