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Boston College Football, Week 1: What We’re Excited For

NCAA Football: Louisville at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

As college football season makes its triumphant return, it truly feels like it has been forever since any of us have been to a live college sporting event. Combine that with the hype that has built up around Hafley’s squad for this season, the excitement is high. Here are the things we’re most looking forward to as BC returns to Alumni...

Laura: I’m just excited to watch a BC sporting event that will have fans present! It was so weird last year to watch our teams playing in empty arenas, and I can’t wait for the atmosphere boost that fans will give to the teams.

Arthur: I’m just excited for football to be back. There is so much hope for this team, and I think this is going to be an exciting season. I’m hopeful to get up for a game this year.

Curtis: I want to see this WR and TE core in action. I know it’ll be against meager competition for the first game, but as long as they’re in a good rhythm with Jurkovec then I’m happy.

Joe: Just being in my tailgate spot again, seeing people I haven’t seen in too long, feeling the comfort and joy that comes from... things happening at the time of year they’re supposed to, I guess? BC sports are part of life’s rhythm for me... Labor Day comes, it’s time for football; October comes, it’s time for hockey... it’ll be good to have that back.

Grant: No disrespect to Colgate but this is a game BC should control right from the opening kickoff. With fans back in the stands (I assume??) this should have a party atmosphere even though it’s a weaker opponent. Everyone wants to get back to normal football. Can’t wait.

Niraj: Fans at Alumni properly welcoming Hafley and the team!

What are you most excited for as BC takes on Colgate in the 2021 season opener? Sound off in the comments!