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Boston College 28, Temple 3: Observations

Boston College v Temple Photo by Cody Glenn/Getty Images

The first thing I had to do while watching BC play Temple was accept that Dennis Grosel is not going to be Phil Jurkovec and that this offense is (probably) not going to be the offense we all hoped it was going to be.

Grosel may continue to grow into his role as QB1 and perhaps, as my colleague Niraj Patel pointed out, they are still trying to not show too much of the playbook ,but even so I don’t see this offense putting up record breaking numbers. We have no choice but to accept the situation and make the best of it. That task is made easier by the fact that I saw a lot of good things out of yesterday’s game.

First off the defense looked very good. Yes, it was in a game versus Temple. However, this was a game where the offense struggled at times and BC had to rely on the defense, a contingency we should be prepared to see again, and they were up to the task.

Isaiah Graham-Mobley stepped up in a way that we all hoped he might when he transferred to BC from Temple, with 8 tackles (6 solo), including a big tackle on 4th down to shut down an Owls drive.

This was a defensive battle, something we weren’t sure this unit could handle - and they not only did their job but really stepped up to pick up some of the slack. This is a good sign for the Eagles going forward.

Special teams was another bright spot. The kicking and punt games put in strong performances and Travis Levy had another big return to start the game. While the defense did not force a turnover, the idea of the special teams and the defense producing big plays is exciting, given that we may have fewer of those big plays on offense.

The running game has been another pleasant surprise this season as the trinity of Levy, Pat Garwo, and Alec Sinkfield continue to be productive. It will get harder for them to continue to do so as defenses start to anticipate less of an emphasis on the passing game but, like with the defense and special teams, it’s good to know BC can rely on things other than their passing game.

Still we need to see more out of Dennis Grosel. He’s not Jurkovec but he’s a senior and with the weapons he has around him, a QBR of 58.7 is not good enough. Missing throws is not something BC can accept as they will count on Grosel to be an effective game manager this year. I imagine Frank Cignetti is not going to ask as much of him as he would Jurkovec, but even on that easier grading scale he’s got to do better and has proven in the past that he can.