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Flashback Friday: Boston College vs. Syracuse in 2000

Alumni Stadium Patriots

For Flashback Friday this week, there’s really not much in the way of historic BC vs. Temple highlights to share, despite a fairly lengthy, 38-game history between the two teams.

So since this game is against a former Big East foe, I’m using some artistic license and saying an old Big East on ESPN matchup is relevant enough to be this week’s Flashback Friday, since this full upload of Syracuse @ Boston College on October 14, 2000 was just posted this year.

Things I noticed:

  • Some shots of a young, spry-looking Frank Spaziani as his defense prepares to make one final stop to preserve BC’s 20-13 lead on the final play of the game.
  • The old, atrocious, bouncy astroturf that existed at Alumni in the pre-FieldTurf days
  • Troy Nunes making the start for Syracuse, not being an Absolute Magician
  • Solid gold in the student section.
  • The old “light bright” video boards from before the jumbotron era, flashing up messages like “DEFENSE!” and “YES!” over the course of the game.
  • Tim Hasselbeck didn’t have his best day at QB, but strong defense and over 100 yards of rushing by William Green helped lead BC to victory.
  • These really were just fantastic BC jerseys in this era, with the correct-colored maroon tops and gold pants.

Hope you enjoy - if you have any suggestions for what to share next week against another team BC has no history against, Missouri, feel free to let us know!