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Boston College women’s basketball reveals new, New Balance jerseys

Boston College Women’s Basketball Practice Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

With the season rapidly approaching, and with new apparel partner New Balance on board, Boston College women’s basketball unveiled four new uniform sets for the upcoming season:

The four jerseys include a standard home and away set in white and maroon that look fairly similar to jerseys past, with the words “Boston College” above the number, though with cleaner lettering and numbering than the Under Armour era. The jerseys also feature maroon and gold striping on the side of the white jersey, and white and gold striping on the side of the maroon.

These look fine, though I think maybe the “Boston College” is a bit small.

Where this batch stands out is in the alternate jerseys:

-A “The Heights” alternate that appears to be either black or a dark/charcoal color, with “The Heights” written on the front in gold lettering — these seem to be inspired by the various NBA ‘city’ edition jerseys which have been popular.

-The “Eagles” throwback, similar to a look BC has been wearing especially on the men’s side in recent years, with a script “Eagles” on the front in maroon on a light gold jersey. These look fantastic, imo.

BC women’s basketball starts off their 2021-22 season on Tuesday, November 9, with a home tilt against the Harvard Crimson.