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Boston College Football Opponent Q&A: Temple

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 29 Temple at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re Philly bound. BC and Temple clash this weekend at Lincoln Financial, and without starting quarterback Phil Jurkovec, BC will put the ‘next man up’ mantra to the test.

Big thanks to Isabella DiAmore of The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Temple News, who was kind enough to share some intel on Temple Football and some ways the game could play out.


1. Temple got off to a tough start this season against Rutgers but turned around their fortunes against Akron. Was there anything in particular that led to the turnaround?

I would say the turnaround had to do with Temple’s defense finding the momentum to show they can compete against Akron. If the defense didn’t have the fumble and pick six before half time, it was going to be a rough game for the Owls.

2. Coach Rod Carey turned to the freshmen QB Justin Lynch against Akron due to injuries. Does he expect to continue playing, and what does he bring to the table compared with D’Wan Mathis?

D’Wan Mathis was considered day-to-day on Monday, it’s still unclear if he will play, but I would say Justin Lynch brings a lot for a true freshman back up, he can run the ball, proved he can throw for long gains against Akron, and can get the ball off out of pocket to avoid a sack.

When comparing the two, some major differences from a physical standpoint, Mathis is 6-foot-6 versus Lynch who is 6-foot-1. Despite his smaller frame, Lynch is still fast and strong. However, Mathis has played in collegiate games, so his IQ and experience separates himself for the starting spot.

3. There are a couple of former Owls on the Eagles roster returning home. Isaiah Graham-Mobley and Khris Banks were on last year’s roster, and even though he’s out with injury, kicker Aaron Boumerhi is a Owl from days past. They spoke highly of their former teammates and all things Temple TUFF, but might there be any added motivation from their old teammates seeing them on the opposing side? Are these two in particular missed on the team?

Anytime Temple plays against old teammates I think it sparks camaraderie. With Isaiah Graham-Mobley being a single digit, he held a leadership role on this team and was an important aspect to the defense, but Rod Carey had to adapt — along with the 12 other players who entered the transfer portal last season.

4. Who are the key names to watch out for on Temple’s offense and how do they figure to go at the BC defense?

On Temple’s offense, Randle Jones is a guy to look out for. With either Mathis or Lynch in the pocket, he was able to connect with both of them for a deep ball against Rutgers and Akron. Edward Saydee could find the open gaps and put up some gains against Boston College’s d-line.

5. Even without starting quarterback Phil Jurkovec, the BC offense still has plenty of weapons. Where can the Eagles best attack the Owls defense?

The Eagles can best attack the Owls defense with BC’s receivers, like Zay Flowers. Temple has a solid secondary, but depending on the receiver’s route, the defense can get lost on different play reads and struggles with communication.

6. The sportsbooks installed BC as a 16 point favorite. How do you see this one playing out, and what do you expect from Temple moving forward this season?

The hope is Temple will at least compete with BC, which they should be able to do with Phil Jurkovec not in the lineup, but there is still a possibility the Owls will struggle if Temple doesn’t execute right from kickoff.


Thanks again to Isabella (@belladiamore) for taking the time to share her thoughts. Be sure to check out all of her coverage of Temple Athletics at both the The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Temple News