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Boston College Men’s Hockey Roster Countdown: #32 Jack Moffat

Get to know this year’s roster as we count down to hockey season!

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell

Name: Jack Moffatt

Position: Goalie

Year: Junior

Number: #32

Height: 6’3

Hometown: Wellesley, MA

Previous Stats: As a backup goalie, Moffatt hasn’t seen much ice time as an Eagle, particularly since he spent most of last season out with an injury. He played 9 minutes against Northeastern as a freshman, making 4 saves and allowing no goals.
Prior to coming to BC he attended St. Sebastian’s. As a senior at St. Seb’s he played in 9 games and had a .912 save percentage.

Season Outlook: It is unlikely that Moffatt will see much ice time, but without a goaltending star on the roster for the first time in many years, anything could happen. While Moffatt isn’t a big name amongst college hockey fans, he played solidly in his 1 NCAA appearance, and did the same in his exhibition game appearance. I wouldn’t expect to see Moffatt in net, but I also wouldn’t be super nervous if he ends up there for a game or 2.

Fun Fact: His sister and father both rowed crew at Georgetown.