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Boston College Eagles Football: Observations on the UMass Victory

NCAA Football: Colgate at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Woof...well, this may be the most uneasy I’ve ever felt after a 45-28 victory.

In a total “hindsight is 20-20 take” we all should’ve guessed BC was going to get everything UMass could give, especially since it was the Minutemen’s first home game in front of their fans.

The big thing on my mind (and everybody else’s mind) is Phil Jurkovec’s wrist. Unfortunately, that is out of everybody’s hands. I imagine Hafley is working on game-plans for the worst case scenario, which would be smart. The ceiling for this team is lower without Jurkovec for sure, but Grosel has experience and he never seems unprepared when his number is called. Zay Flowers’ return the game was a big relief, but this team still has plenty of weapons without Jurkovec. BC has to ope for the best and plan for the worst here.

With or without Big Phil, BC needs to clean up its act. BC fans should hope that yesterday was a serious wake up call for this team. Forget the turnovers, the penalties...BC’s defense was more effective at moving the ball than UMass’s offense. There’s a part of me that hopes Hafley will go full Herb Brooks on this team and make them do wind sprints until they shut the lights off, yelling “Again!” until he’s hoarse.

I did like what I saw out of Pat Garwo III and the running game as a whole. With the aerial arsenal BC has, just having a consistent running game would be huge.

There can be no more talk of Temple being a certain win. Even if Jurkovec is healthy, this team needs to prove they are worthy of the expectations we all have for them. Hafley can’t control what Jurkovec’s x-ray shows, but he can make sure the rest of the team shapes up and steps up.

Let’s hope yesterday was enough of a reality check for the Eagles because I’m not sitting through another Kansas game.