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Boston College 45, UMass 28: Postgame press conference quotables

Boston College v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

After Boston College’s 45-28 win over UMass on Saturday, Jeff Hafley addressed the media. There wasn’t much substantive in terms of updates on Phil Jurkovec or Zay Flowers.

On Jurkovec’s injury:

“I don’t really know... they said it was something with his wrist or his hand. They took x-rays... I’ll get details (and update you) tomorrow.”

“I don’t have a clue... I’m optimistic in general in life, so yeah, you can say I’m optimistic.”

On Grosel coming in:

“It’s comforting to know that Dennis Grosel comes in you don’t have to skip a beat. We’re really glad to have him.”

On BC’s penalties

“Disappointing. Last week was so clean, this one wasn’t. I felt like we were just giving them yards and first downs - it was like every drive was a result of self-inflicted wounds. That starts with me - I thought I had it fixed, I clearly don’t. Sometimes it’s good to go through that and get back to work on it. But really disappointed in that.”

On special teams and the big miscue that led to a UMass TD:

“Think about this, it’s 28-7 and we stop them and they punt. They couldn’t stop our offense today. We go up 35-7, we probably win 52-7... but Vinny [DePalma] makes a nice play to force a fumble, and then Trav [Levy] responds. Trav kind of handed them 7 points, but he got 7 points back for us pretty quickly.

Aside from dropping the punt we were pretty sound [on special teams].”

On Pat Garwo:

“Pat ran really well, he ran hard... he had a couple nice stiff-arms. That’s what we should do against a team like this- no disrespect. But we wanted to run the ball and we did.”


This didn’t appear to make it into the YouTube video, but Rivals’ Andy Backstrom also said he asked Hafley about Zay Flowers: