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Boston College Eagles Football: 2021 Season Predictions

How do we think Hafley’s sophomore season will shake out?

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College football season starts this weekend, and there is a lot of excitement surrounding Jeff Hafley’s second season as head coach, and his first with fans in the stands. Here’s a breakdown of what the BC Interruption football writers are expecting this year!

Arthur: I think BC will go 10-3 I really do believe this is one of the best BC teams in recent memory. Jurkovec has another year under his belt, the defense has had another year to grow, and overall the team has improved. I think this team is really going to surprise people.

Curtis: I predict BC will go 8-4 in the regular season. 1 loss against Clemson, 2 losses against some combination of Mizzou/NCSU/Virginia Tech/FSU, and 1 loss to a worse team (Wake, GT, Louisville, etc) that they shouldn’t lose to. This BC team will be competitive against its entire schedule. But their defense will not hold up against good offenses, and BC’s own offense won’t be able to dig out of every hole.

Joe: I predict a 9-4 record for the Eagles. BC will continue to show improvement this season and will be in every game they play, including against Clemson, but there will be growing pains, especially on defense as Hafley continues to rebuild the unit. We’ll probably drop a game or two we should win, and win a game or two that we shouldn’t thanks to our high-octane offense. This will set us up nicely to finish the season strong by winning a bowl game and finishing with our best record since the Jags Era.

Grant: 10-2. It’s always 10-2 season, baby! But also there is some monster talent here and we have the schedule to do it.

Niraj: 10-3. I think this team will end up winning nine games and capping it off with a bowl win. Listen, they have the offensive talent to be in any game. The continuity on the coaching staff and offensive line (along with the offense in general) are huge. The staff played it safe last year, and now are going to unleash everything. Good coaching can fix most of the issues with consistency we saw last year. Even if the defense has clear flaws, I really like what the new faces have to add, and the secondary could be top tier. You can see how much more comfortable Hafley feels right now, and I think we have the potential to see something special.

Will: 9-4. Best offense we’ve had in years and the defense may surprise us. I think BC will surprise Mizzou, for while they are an SEC team, they are one in name only. Clemson is almost certainly a loss but miracles do happen. I agree with Joe and that there is at least one game we should win but will likely lose. The concern for me is Louisville and Georgia Tech. Now these are both games BC could win, the Eagles could even win them easily, but both teams are dangerous and flying under the radar. Also, Virginia Tech always plays BC tough so another game I’m nervous about. I don’t see how BC doesn’t earn a bowl bid and I’m betting they will win that game.

What are your expectations for this BC squad? Let us know in the comments!