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Reviewing Boston College players at Bruins development camp with Mark Divver

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Last week, three Boston College hockey players - Trevor Kuntar, Marc McLaughlin, and 2022 recruit Andre Gasseau - participated in Boston Bruins development camp at Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton.

Kuntar and Gasseau are Bruins draft picks, while BC’s captain McLaughlin appeared as a non-drafted invitee.

Mark Divver, veteran local hockey scribe and contributor to New England Hockey Journal, was one of the lucky few reporters in the house to watch the B’s prospects take the ice. He was kind enough to offer up his thoughts on how BC’s prospects performed:

Marc McLaughlin

“Marc McLaughlin was one of the top forwards in camp. I was told he has been working on his hands this off-season, and it showed, especially on Wednesday when he had some very nice finishes. I believe Bruins would be ready to sign him today if he wasn’t returning to BC. He’ll have his pick of NHL offers at the end of the season.”

Trevor Kuntar

“Trevor Kuntar was a standout and should rank higher on Boston’s prospect list off his performance this week. He showed off better speed than I had seen from him before as well as a wicked shot that he didn’t often get a chance to display as a freshman. He scored a highlight reel goal on Wednesday and made a lot of plays. He looks ready to take a step forward in a bigger role at BC this season.”

Andre Gasseau

“Andre Gasseau, who just turned 18 a month ago, was the youngest player in camp. He’s a bit of a project. His feet are a bit heavy, but his size and his willingness to use it should be an asset in Fargo (USHL) this season and at BC down the road. Bruins are playing the long game with him.”