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Updates from Boston College Men’s Basketball Summer Practice

Jon Rothstein took a visit, and we take a peek at what he said

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein took a visit to the Boston College men’s basketball facilities on Wednesday and made a few observations. Let’s take a look:

This was expected news but good to hear nonetheless. Galloway will be one of the key experienced transfers that already has a rapport with head coach Earl Grant, so having him healthy as soon as possible is a good sign for the development of this team.

Obviously, because there’s not much else they’re good at right now. If Grant can truly get these guys to start playing really hard, then they might be able to squeak out some ACC wins and not be completely terrible. It’s a tall order, but this is an essential component in any sort of positive takeaway this season.

One of Fred Scott’s strengths last year was rebounding, but it seems that head coach Earl Grant may be pushing him to focus on another part of his game considering this weight change. At 6’8”, BC’s staff may be trying to shift him to more of a 3&D role that doesn’t require him to grab boards against significantly taller guys and instead focus on his shooting and playmaking, which has shown promise but was much more consistent before he transferred to BC last offseason.

This is good news, as BC is about to be severely lacking at the guard position within the next few years. Zackery did well at the JuCo level and it would be a stabilizing presence in Earl Grant’s first few years if he is able to eventually develop into a quality starter.

The inclusion of Quinten Post is the most interesting addition here, and it’s something I’ve mentioned as a possibility this offseason. If Post can develop into a starter-caliber player (at least by BC standards), then rolling out a frontcourt with him, Karnik, and Langford may be tough to deal with for any team. That’s a lot of size and athleticism, especially on the defensive end.