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Boston College football unveils new gold helmets for 2021

What do you think?

This morning, Boston College football’s Twitter account dropped a shot of BC’s new solid gold football helmets - a clean look to go along with the clean, classic look of the new Adidas jerseys BC will be rocking next month when the season starts:

Unlike some past iterations this helmet features a solid, plain gold design - which had both its lovers and its haters in the BCI Nerve Center when we discussed the helmets once they were unveiled.

Some of our crew from the Matt Ryan-era glory years yearned for the maroon stripe on the helmet:

...and noted that the solid-gold look might be a bit too “Notre Dame.”

However, the true classic, Flutie-era BC jerseys (which the current set is somewhat based on) do feature a clean gold helmet with no stripe: I think the solid gold look makes sense given the clean, throwbacky nature of the new set.

One thing we can all probably agree on? A move away from the weird ‘stained glass motif’ that Under Armour put on the various parts of the BC football uniform. An interesting idea, but poorly executed.

What do you think - are you team stripe or team no stripe?