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Jared Dudley Retires, Joins Dallas Mavericks Coaching Staff

An Eagle great calls it a career

ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Former Boston College Eagle Jared Dudley announced yesterday that he will retiring from the NBA as a player and instead be joining Jason Kidd’s staff in Dallas as the newest front-of-the-bench assistant for the Mavericks.

Dudley last season was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in a very limited role that saw him largely as a locker room leader rather than a big contributor on the court. He won an NBA championship with the Lakers in 2020.

This news isn’t super surprising for those that have paid attention to Dudley’s NBA career and public aspirations. As was mentioned in our coaching preview earlier this year when we considered him a longshot candidate for BC’s open position, Dudley has expressed a desire multiple times to eventually get into coaching. This is an easy first step for him, as Mavs head coach Jason Kidd is a friend of Dudley’s and has given him a golden opportunity to kickstart Dudley’s coaching career just as his playing career was winding down.

Do you think Dudley will work at BC in a coaching capacity one day?