2021 CLEMSON Football Preview

Coach Swinney and Clemson's 2021 football program,

after losing an NFL dream squad from their offense,

are going to make defense the gold standard in college football again.


They will play the kind of defense that will yield no more than three touchdowns a game, all season long.

Behind this shut-out defense led by Coach Venables,

Clemson will win all their scheduled games and the ACC Championship;

and because they have already been annoited a top seed for the 2021 Final Four,

Clemson is in the CFP, again.

Good for them.

With all these NFL QBs gone, the air raid is over in the ACC and SEC

(except for Coach Kiffin and his Ole Miss QB,

and maybe Coach Brown and his UNC QB).

It's back to the old Bear Bryant school for winning a championship this year

('We start every game pitching a shut-out... let's see how long we can keep it up');

just ask Coach Saban,

because he's going to win the SEC and get to the CFP this year the same way,

with a shut-out (3 TDs or less) defense led by future NFL draftees.

And so with future NFL draftees all over their defense,

Clemson will begin this 2021CFP Final Four year

by defeating Georgia with defense in week one.

After that, they'll confront their third-world non-conference games;

and then struggle (not) with their ACC-8 schedule,

defeating Pitt and NC State on the road;

and while they'll miss both UNC and Miami in the regular season,

they'll meet and easily defeat either of them in the ACC Championship.

And all of this with a 3 TD limit shut-out defense,

as they will prove in week one against Georgia,

a team far superior to any other football program on Clemson's schedule.

Whereupon Coach Swinney and CLEMSON are the first team in the 2021 CFP.

It is written.

Coach Saban's Alabama, also behind the defense, is the second team in the 2021 CFP,

although they may lose one on the way.

This is also written.